According to experts of World Bank, Corporate Social Responsibility is known as: 'the agreement of enterprise to contribute sustainable economic development, through following standard of environmental protection, gender equality, labor safety, labor rights, equally paid- salary, employees training and development, community development… which bring benefits for both enterprises and social development'.

Vinh Long Footwear Co., LTD has aspects of social responsibility as below:

1. Economic aspect

For employees, economic aspect of an enterprise is to create job with reasonable salary, same working chance, professional chance development, safety working environment, hygiene, private rights at workplace.

For consumers, economic responsibility of enterprise is to provide goods and services. Economic responsibility also relates to quality issues, product safety, valuation, product information, distribution, sales and competition.

Vinh Long Footwear Company sponsors charity houses for employees

2. Legal aspect

Vinh Long Footwear Co., LTD fully follows regulations about official legislation with stakeholders. This helps to adjust competition, customer protection, environmental protection, to promote the equality and safety, to provide initiatives against misbehaviors. Basically, legal duty of enterprise includes 5 aspects:

- Adjust competition - Protect consumers - Protect environment - Safety and equality - Encourage to find and stop misbehaviors

3. Moral aspect

Moral aspect in social responsibility of enterprise is behaviors and activities expected by society but they are not mentioned in legal system, institutionalized in legislation.

Vinh Long Footwear Company sponsors for labor union members getting serious diseases.

We always have rules, moral values respectfully presented in company’s praise and strategy declaration. Our company commit to contribution of sustainable economic development, cooperate with employees and their families, community and society.

Programs to sponsor social subjects such as helping the disable, orphans.

- Helping the disable, orphans.

- Build charity houses

- Donate for compatriot in flooding and calamity regions.