Business philosophy and core values


1. Become a benchmark factory
2. Become a competitive company
3. Become a happy enterprise


1. High Quality, Accurate Delivery on Time, Competitive Advantage
2. To become a competitive company with low cost, sufficient talents, excellent technology and lean management.
3. Better Welfare & Good Environment, Career Development

Business philosophy, core values

1. People-oriented - motivate employees to grow
2. Safe production - ensure the physical and psychological safety and health of employees
3. Pursuit of excellence - to improve competitiveness, reduce the incidence of errors and cultivate talents
4. Social responsibility - fulfilling corporate responsibility


1. Automization - Let the device have human intelligence and automatically identify errors and defects
2. Informatization - by the in-depth application of information technology.
3. Innovation - Cultivate a culture of innovation within the enterprise
4. Institutionalization - implement the company system and abide by the company rules